Nevada Ramble

Ernie Rambo developed the idea for the Ramble on Labor Day, 2002. Driving between the Nevada towns of Caliente and Pioche, enroute to a 10K race, Ernie realized that she had always harbored a desire to see where the many side roads and dirt roads leading from the main highways led. "Wouldn't it be interesting to just run across the state on back roads and see what's out there?" she pondered. In a challenging manner (and feeling daringly invincible), she replied to herself, "What's stopping you?" By the time that 10K race started, Ernie already had a route in mind. She presented her idea to Land Rover Las Vegas on the following Nevada Day (October 31). With their agreement to loan her a support vehicle, planning for the Ramble began.

The Ramble will include Ernie designing lessons for students of Nevada history. In the Educators link, she will be creating lessons with photos, videos, and facts collected from the towns, counties, and sites she visits.

In the summer of 2004, she will be running the length of Nevada, starting just north of Jarbidge, NV on the Idaho border, and ending in the southeast corner on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation at the Arizona border.

In 2005, she will running a mega-mile triangle encompassing the majority of the state. The route will start and end in Las Vegas, coinciding with the city's cenntennial. She'll travel to the north, summiting Boundary Peak (the highest point in Nevada) and continue to Pyramid Lake before starting south and east. Following some of the Pony Express route and Highway 50, she'll summit Wheeler Peak (the 2nd highest point in the state) before continuing south, eventually traveling the Alamo Road to Clark County and returning to Las Vegas.